Summer beverages 2016

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Hi there! It’s time for having some drinks !! Today I am going to show you three cool drinks that I had recently. Let’s get started!!🍸

➡spring mix

I put…

1. Spring mix (some baby vege)

2. Coconut water

3. Lemonade

4. A tea spoon of chia seeds

➡kiwi green tea

I put…

1. kiwi slices

2. green tea(I used tea bag to make it)

3. a tea spoon of chia seeds

4. You can also add some syrup if you want it to be sweeter

➡golden tea(mix)

I put…

1. Black tea( with Dilmah tea bag)

2. Green tea( with tea bag)

Hope you enjoy these drinks and chill out your summer!!

Have a nice day!

My breakfast fried egg

Good morning, guys!

This is my breakfast today😊

Of course not include the magazine, I like to read some magazines or news papers while having breakfast, it’s been a habit for a while, and I really enjoy it.

First I fried two eggs and put some spring mix  with them, I also put a slice of milk cheese to add some taste(that helps the egg became a little bit salty)

Because this is a very easy recipe, so after frying the eggs, you can just add some pepper and herb on the plate.

I also had tomatoes because I want to have some fruits in the morning. The drink in the jar is cold mint tea, it’s really nice and refreshing.

That’s all what I had today, and enjoy your meal!

My water with dried fruit

  • I think I’ve fell in love with this kind of water with dried fruit recently. You can smell and taste the fruit when you drink it, but not in a strong taste or smell(simply just like you’re drink water but with light smell of fruit)
  •  The most important part of making this water is to find or make good and fresh dried fruit. It’s a little bit different with that average dried fruit(such like what I had mentioned in another article)because it’s more sweet for letting the taste and smell mix into water.
  • ➡Simply slice the fruit into small pieces and put them in a big pot with some sugar-water
  • ➡Take them out and put them under the sun(do this when the wind is strong can help the fruit get dry quickly)
  • Sometimes it takes much time to dry fruits because of the weather.
  • But please be patient, just think of the moment you pick them up and put them into the water bottle, that’s going to be great.
  • You can not only put dried fruits in the water but also add some herb, those can really make you water taste better👍

Smoothies & Sandwich

Today, the UK choce to leave EU
I think this will make a big change for the world. Everyone who cares about this issue is now confusing about why? and how?
Well, I just got the news from my phone and I was shocked. 💫💫
So I am here trying to calm down.


This morning I have a glass of smoothies and sandwich.
➡smoothies: eagle eggs, milk and hong custard.
➡sandwich: hot dog, corn, baguette and alfalfa.


Today is too hot to eat warm-food, so I made this cold-noodles dish as my lunch today.


1. Cook the noodles(made of red yeast rice).
2. Put the noodles into a bowl of water with ice cube. To make the noodles cold.
3. Cut the gherkin and the bean sprouts into slices.
4. Put some sesame sauce on it.
5. Find a secluded corner of the house and enjoy the dish!!
P. S this cold-noodles dish is very “fit with" red rose tea. Its sweet and sour taste will make you feel much cooler.


I love dried- fruit so much!😘
You can eat them at anytime you want, just like the other snack.
But the difference is: dried-fruit is much more healthy than chips, candies or other drunk food.
Picking real natural dried-fruit that doesn’t add too much antiseptic is very important.  And choosing good drink to “pair up" the dried-fruit is also an interesting part of this whole procedure of enjoying your dried-fruit.


Today I had dried-mango, dried-starfruit, dried-guava(with red pulp inside) and dried-shaddock.
I choce black tea plus lemonade as my drink to “pair up" the dried-fruit.
And they were really satisfactory.🎆

Simple recipe

It was a lovely afternoon, I took a nap, read some novels and made this dish⭐
(with great music from Hailee Steinfeld, ex. Rock bottom)


It looks very easy and delicious, isn’t it?
1. I pan fried some asparagus from Thailand with olive oil and some sea salt.
2. Then I baked some Bayonne ham from Span  with cheese(happy cow low fat slices)
3. Put them on the plate and put some pepper.

After finish this dish, I made myself a cup of lemon grass tea that I bought from Thailand and kept enjoying my lovely afternoon.
Have a nice day to everybody🌌🌌