Easy spaghetti recipe with tomato sause

Hey lovely people worldwide, I am back here again. And today I am going to show you how to simply make this spaghetti and the tomato sauce which goes really well with it. By the way, I had a jar of water while having this dish, and it really matches!

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First, you are going to make the sauce because it’s going to take some time cooking it. And you need to prepare:

➡some small tomatoes just like the size in the picture.(I also added some chopped red peppers into the sauce and just cooked them with the tomatoes.)

➡some spices like pepper, salt, rosemary and some red chili powder.

➡a little water, just lets the water cover half of the tomatoes.

Then use the knife to cut some small holes on it in order to make the taste stronger, put them into water and boil it after you put all the spices into your pot.(Remember not to put the lid on, because you want the water to evaporate) And until most of the water is evaporated you can take out the sauce.

We can cook our spaghetti while the sauce is still boiling, so you need to prepare:

➡spaghetti(of course)

➡some salty water in order to make it more delicious

➡cold water for making the spaghetti more “chewy"

Just cook it for about 4 to 5 minutes and outputting it into a bowl of cold water.  Take it out after less than 1 minute.

Now we have both spaghetti and sauce, just mix it in a bowl and put it on a plate.

Enjoy your meal and have a nice day!!

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Summer beverages 2016

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Hi there! It’s time for having some drinks !! Today I am going to show you three cool drinks that I had recently. Let’s get started!!🍸

➡spring mix

I put…

1. Spring mix (some baby vege)

2. Coconut water

3. Lemonade

4. A tea spoon of chia seeds

➡kiwi green tea

I put…

1. kiwi slices

2. green tea(I used tea bag to make it)

3. a tea spoon of chia seeds

4. You can also add some syrup if you want it to be sweeter

➡golden tea(mix)

I put…

1. Black tea( with Dilmah tea bag)

2. Green tea( with tea bag)

Hope you enjoy these drinks and chill out your summer!!

Have a nice day!

My breakfast fried egg

Good morning, guys!

This is my breakfast today😊

Of course not include the magazine, I like to read some magazines or news papers while having breakfast, it’s been a habit for a while, and I really enjoy it.

First I fried two eggs and put some spring mix  with them, I also put a slice of milk cheese to add some taste(that helps the egg became a little bit salty)

Because this is a very easy recipe, so after frying the eggs, you can just add some pepper and herb on the plate.

I also had tomatoes because I want to have some fruits in the morning. The drink in the jar is cold mint tea, it’s really nice and refreshing.

That’s all what I had today, and enjoy your meal!

My water with dried fruit

  • I think I’ve fell in love with this kind of water with dried fruit recently. You can smell and taste the fruit when you drink it, but not in a strong taste or smell(simply just like you’re drink water but with light smell of fruit)
  •  The most important part of making this water is to find or make good and fresh dried fruit. It’s a little bit different with that average dried fruit(such like what I had mentioned in another article)because it’s more sweet for letting the taste and smell mix into water.
  • ➡Simply slice the fruit into small pieces and put them in a big pot with some sugar-water
  • ➡Take them out and put them under the sun(do this when the wind is strong can help the fruit get dry quickly)
  • Sometimes it takes much time to dry fruits because of the weather.
  • But please be patient, just think of the moment you pick them up and put them into the water bottle, that’s going to be great.
  • You can not only put dried fruits in the water but also add some herb, those can really make you water taste better👍

Smoothies & Sandwich

Today, the UK choce to leave EU
I think this will make a big change for the world. Everyone who cares about this issue is now confusing about why? and how?
Well, I just got the news from my phone and I was shocked. 💫💫
So I am here trying to calm down.


This morning I have a glass of smoothies and sandwich.
➡smoothies: eagle eggs, milk and hong custard.
➡sandwich: hot dog, corn, baguette and alfalfa.


Today is too hot to eat warm-food, so I made this cold-noodles dish as my lunch today.


1. Cook the noodles(made of red yeast rice).
2. Put the noodles into a bowl of water with ice cube. To make the noodles cold.
3. Cut the gherkin and the bean sprouts into slices.
4. Put some sesame sauce on it.
5. Find a secluded corner of the house and enjoy the dish!!
P. S this cold-noodles dish is very “fit with" red rose tea. Its sweet and sour taste will make you feel much cooler.


I love dried- fruit so much!😘
You can eat them at anytime you want, just like the other snack.
But the difference is: dried-fruit is much more healthy than chips, candies or other drunk food.
Picking real natural dried-fruit that doesn’t add too much antiseptic is very important.  And choosing good drink to “pair up" the dried-fruit is also an interesting part of this whole procedure of enjoying your dried-fruit.


Today I had dried-mango, dried-starfruit, dried-guava(with red pulp inside) and dried-shaddock.
I choce black tea plus lemonade as my drink to “pair up" the dried-fruit.
And they were really satisfactory.🎆